Progressive,  has been a dominant force in the auto insurance market for more than 70 years, garnering a strong reputation for its customer service, emergency responsiveness, policy flexibility and overall commitment to the safety and security of its policyholders. With its “Concierge Level of Claims Service” and renowned Immediate Response Vehicles, Progressive has made the aftermath of car accidents and auto-related incidents less complicated, less time-consuming and most importantly, less-imposing on the workaday lives and busy schedules of its policyholders. Progressive’s past may have been bright, but, if it continues to place the needs of its policyholders first, its future will only get brighter.

Standout Features

  • Multi-party Comparison Quotes
  • Pet Injury Coverage with Collision Coverage
  • Concierge Level of Claims Service


Response & Repair:

Progressive sets quite an example with its Immediate Response Vehicles (IRVs) and initial towing and rental services. Policyholders can receive claims estimates from the comfort of their own driveway or the repair facility the vehicle is housed in: a step that can expedite the claims and adjustment process and facilitate quick repairs and timely payments for vehicles in need of replacement and claimants of non-Progressive motorists involved in an accident.

Many complaints that are issued against all insurance companies, generally involve the complicated process of filing a claim, receiving an estimate, booking time for a repair and then waiting for the scheduled repairs to be completed. This process hardly takes into account the reality of people’s schedules, their work, their home, their leisure time. Really, this process has been in need of revision for a long time and Progressive does so through its “Concierge Level of Claims Service”. The Concierge Level of Claims Service are facilities where drivers can drop off damaged vehicles and leave the hair-pulling, time-consuming task of receiving an estimate, finding a repair facility and making rental car arrangements to the experts. In fact, in as few as fifteen minutes, policyholders can be back on the road with a rental car, confident that their car is being repaired quickly and hassle-free.

Policy Flexibility:

Progressive’s roots are firmly planted in car insurance. Through the decades, however, it has grown to include other insurance products and services that range from home to life and nearly everything in between. Unlike GEICO, which operates entirely online and through telephone, Progressive has more than 30,000 independent insurance agents that, along with simply auto insurance and other insurance products, can give detailed, in-depth information about policies and discounts, as well as assist in finding a coverage level that suits the needs and budget of the policyholder. Whether you need a Liability-Only policy for a single vehicle or Full Collision coverage with no deductible, Progressive has just the right policy and insurance product for you.

Benefits & Discounts:

One benefit that sets Progressive apart from other car insurance agencies is its complimentary coverage of pet injuries for policyholders with collision coverage. Though incidental pet injuries that are caused by a car accident are not measured, thousands of pets die each year due to car collisions. Making sure that both you and your dog or cat are covered in the event of an accident is a step in the right direction–and one that other auto insurance companies would be wise to emulate.

Progressive also offers automatic discounts for new and continuing customers. Good Student discount? Check. Good Driver discount? Check. Multiple vehicle discount? Check. Multiple-policy discount? Check. Full-payment, e-sign or low mileage discounts? Check, check and check. Along with its MyRate feature, which follows driving history and records more closely, which can be a savings boon for customers, Progressive offers dozens of discounts to its policyholders, saving customers money and likely gaining their loyalty, too.

Customer Service & Claims Timeliness:

Progressive was among the first to make policy and claims management functionality available online; a trend which most of its competitors now follow. With its Immediate Response Vehicles and Concierge Level of Claims Service, drivers can be back on the road and on with their lives and jobs, free from the baffling, time-consuming ordeal that is seeing a damaged vehicle from point A to point Z.

Progressive customer service representatives and agents have a hard-earned reputation as being among the best in the business. Customers continually report of agents and representatives going “beyond their expectations” to find discounts, field questions and facilitate quick and timely claims adjustment and vehicle repair and replacement. Less visible is Progressive’s mediation and arbitration team, which ensure that claims involving other parties are brought to a decision as quickly and judiciously as possible. Fortunately for Progressive car insurance policyholders, repairs and replacements will be made even if other involved parties are uncooperative or unresponsive. No driver should have to go without a car because of the negligence of another motorist or his auto insurance company.


In its 70-plus years of continual operation Progressive auto insurance has seen wave after wave of competitors, marketing trends and technological innovation–and remained atop throughout. Humorous advertisements might create brand recognition and drive motorists to purchase policies, but it is only through meeting–and even exceeding–the needs of policyholders after the policy’s signing that an auto insurance company survives and succeeds. Progressive is living proof of that.

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