GEICO was among the first to develop a non-agent model for customer service, claims filing and policy inquiries, making these available through phone and Internet and allowing GEICO to pass savings on to its customers. In addition to these savings-oriented operational practices that provide new policyholders with substantial discounts, GEICO has earned and maintained the loyalty of its customers through its professional, helpful customer service representatives, efficient claims process and continued dedication to getting its policyholders off the road and back on again as quickly as possible.

Standout Features

  • Infrastructural Savings Passed on to Policyholders
  • Instant Online Premium Quote
  • Online Policy Management

Response & Repair:

Getting your car safely off the road and in for repairs or replacement is one thing, but ensuring that motorists are back in their own car or temporary rental with little delay is another. Fortunately, GEICO excels at expediting initial towing and emergency services through its affiliates with streamlined claims and adjustments services to see that necessary repairs and replacements are done as quickly as possible, with the ins and outs of cost and culpability settled responsibly, judiciously and, most importantly, rapidly.

GEICO also offers its policyholders the ability to track claims online, doing away with the complicated “Phone-trees” that many car insurance companies require customers to go through to track claims.

Policy Flexibility:

GEICO is incredibly flexible with its policy attributes, crafting policies that suit the needs and budgets of its policyholders, while extending its streamlined business-model savings to the customer. Whether you are looking to insure multiple vehicles or drivers, increase or decrease deductibles on policies, reduce coverage to Liability-Only or manage the payment cycle or structure, GEICO allows its policyholders an unprecedented freedom to do so. Best of all, this can all be done online or over the phone with a dedicated GEICO insurance agent, which can be an added benefit for those living in rural areas.

Benefits & Discounts:

Many discounts are enjoyed outright through GEICO‘s area agent-free infrastructure. As for others, GEICO offers a variety of discounts ranging from good driver discounts, good student discounts (for younger drivers attending school) and automatic payment discounts, as well as discounts for multiple-policy holders and established customers. GEICO also offers discounts for policies involving cars with advanced safety and security features, including air bags, anti-lock brakes, car security/anti-theft systems and daytime running lights, among others.

As GEICO origins are in its Government Employee Insurance Company, GEICO offers many benefits and discounts to active, reserved and retired military personnel, as well as senior-level federal employees. But, just as it is no longer a company intended only for government employees, GEICO extends similar benefits and discounts to more than 275 affiliated groups.

Customer Service & Claims Timeliness:

Getting you and your vehicle off the road and into the mechanic or appropriate technician is only half the battle. Seeing that claims are processed and repairs completed in a timely and efficient matter is another matter altogether. Fortunately, this is where GEICO stands out, giving its policyholders a variety of methods for reporting and tracking claims, while mediating between various auto insurance companies if necessary and facilitating timely car repairs. Claims can be reported and tracked entirely online, freeing up motorists to get on with day-to-day responsibilities as opposed to spending a considerable amount of time filtering through “phone trees” to speak to a claims adjuster or agent. Although, for additional convenience, policy information and claims information can still be accessed by phone, with the assurance of a fast connection to the appropriate party.

GEICO’s reputation for its customer service is largely what has proven to be the true catalyst for its retention and policyholder satisfaction, not its entertaining, popular commercials or its slight savings. This is evident in its retention rate, which ranks among the best in the auto insurance industry.


GEICO has emerged as one of the premiere car insurance companies in recent years–and for good reason. Offering its customers upfront savings on auto insurance policies, providing streamlined claims reporting and tracking and emphasizing personable and responsive customer service, all while facilitating quick repairs to get motorists back in their cars and on the road. Combine this with its bounteous offering of discounts, policy flexibility and potential for multiple policies such as home, life, boat and others and you have a one-stop-shop for auto insurance–as well as other insurance–needs that is as convenient and timely as a drive-thru window.


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