Esurance might not have the history of GEICO or Progressive, both which operate largely online. But, what it lacks in tradition, it makes up for in innovative operational practices, including speedy claims and policy-writing processes. As a green company, Esurance also features environmentally-sound strategies and programs to reduce paper consumption, plant trees in fire-damaged forests, and mitigate the damage caused by CO2 pollution. Not bad for a company that is still relatively new to the auto insurance (and other insurance protection product) game.

Esurance is lauded for its 3-step policy process. Drivers simply quote, buy and print their policy directly from their printer. No waiting for delivery by mail. No hassles. No agents pushing unnecessary policy features or additional insurance protection products. With Esurance, policyholders, both current and prospective, simply enter the necessary information, receive a quote, decide whether or not purchase policy or go with another car insurance agency.

With Esurance, motorists get a free 6-minute quote in addition to instant comparison rates from real companies. At that point, prospective policyholders can simply choose the policy that best suits their needs and buy it directly online.

Esurance policyholders also benefit from an online claims process that features the impressive, real-time repairs monitoring program, E-star

Standout Features

  • In-depth, informative website
  • E-Star Direct Repair Program
  • Savings-oriented operations
  • Expedited claims process

Response & Repair:

Though some auto insurance agencies, like State Farm, offer free towing for its policyholders, Esurance does offer a complete emergency roadside assistance package that covers everything from vehicle tows and tire changes to gasoline refuels and lockouts. From there, drivers can have their cars taken to the repair facility of their choice or be referred to a repair facility through the E-star Direct Repair Program. Though it is nice to have the ability to choose your own repair facility, using designated E-star repair shops guarantees all repairs for as long as you have the vehicle. Though it isn’t quite the same as Progressive’s “Concierge” program, it does one-up Progressive by including photos of the vehicle as it is being repaired, giving policyholders a visual stamp to go along with the claims and repairs tracking information.

Policy Flexibility:

Many auto insurance policyholders complain of the unnecessary costly features and attributes that are tacked onto their policies. With Esurance, drivers have far more control over the details of their policies, including emergency services and features. This shouldn’t be taken as a sign of neglect. In fact, Esurance has the most informative, in-depth website among any car insurance company, providing countless FAQ pages, insightful articles, auto insurance glossaries and even an interactive Auto Insurance Coverage Counselor to aid in giving each driver the right policy for their needs and budget.

Benefits & Discounts:

Esurance, like many auto insurance agencies, offers discounts for good drivers, multiple-policy holders, vehicles with enhanced safety and anti-theft features. This has become, more or less, the standard among insurance companies. Esurance, however, goes well beyond the unwritten standard, providing discounts for single parents, senior-aged and retired drivers, vehicles with low-mileage or in rare use and even occupational discounts for those with a license or degree in education, engineering and natural science. What other auto insurance agency can say that?

For benefits, Esurance’s environmental efforts are the most apparent. Most policyholders are likely aware of the amount of unnecessary mail a policy will accrue. From account notifications and billing statements to cards with policy numbers to be stored in vehicles, owning a single car insurance policy can generate a pitiful amount of waste. Along with its paper-free policy process through which the customer is a direct beneficiary of the savings, Esurance is dedicated to improving the environment with tree-planting programs, partnerships with community and environmentally-oriented non-profits and charities, instruments for carbon footprint calculation and even insights for incorporating environmentally-friendly practices into your everyday life. While many dismiss the “Green Movement” as a fad, Esurance seems firmly committed to improving the environment and raising environmental awareness, whether or not it’s currently en vogue.

Customer Service & Claims Timeliness:

Between its E-Star Direct Repair Program and 24/7 online and telephone claims center, Esurance wastes little time in getting its policyholders’ vehicles off the road, into the repair shop and back out again in as little time as possible. Claims can be tracked entirely online and, best of all, repairs being made in designated E-star facilities include photos with status updates. Like all auto insurance agencies, accidents and incidents involving other drivers can complicate the process. With Esurance, however, these delays are kept to a minimum, with arbitrators seeking quick mediation for involved parties.


With only a decade under its belt, Esurance might seem fairly green. However, with savings-oriented business operations, environmentally-sound practices, efficient and simplified claims and repairs process and a firm commitment to environmentally-oriented causes, Esurance is proving itself to be an innovative, ethical and “Green” force among car insurance companies, one that, hopefully, will inspire a lot of imitators–even top-rated auto insurance agencies GEICO and Progressive.



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